Productivity Insight Process

Frustrated GirlYou sit down at your desk Monday morning and sigh. You haven’t even started yet and you already feel tired and frustrated. Your to-do list is long and it’s difficult to decide what to start with. You wonder why everything has to be sooo much work — it feels like you’re constantly pushing a boulder up a steep hill.

You’re tired of:

  • constant frustration, overwhelm, exhaustion and stress
  • continual distractions
  • always feeling behind of where you should be

Instead, you want:

  • relief, calm, control and confidence
  • to be able to focus on one thing for a significant period of time
  • to be on track and getting things done

Are you ready to find out what’s getting in the way of having what you want?

The Productivity Insight Process will help you in 3 easy steps:

  1. You take a 20-minute online assessment at your convenience.
  2. We set up a time for your 90-minute coaching session with me to go over your results and create a bullet-pointed list that will help you create the changes you want.
  3. You implement the bullet-pointed list we discussed in our coaching session.

Isn’t it about time for your Monday morning to feel more like this?
Happy girlYou sit down at your desk looking forward to your day, feeling calm, confident and focused. You review your appointments for the week and smile.

You know exactly what’s on your plate – client appointments, networking event and “get to know” you calls – and you have wiggle room for those unexpected, fun opportunities that pop up and make your day exciting.

Reviewing the to-do list you mapped out on Friday, you easily jump right in and start working on the first task with focus you didn’t know you were capable of a few months ago.

And it all started with the Productivity Insight Process!

The Productivity Insight Process includes:

  • 20-minute Productivity Insight Process online assessment
  • Customized report
  • 90-minute private coaching session with Evie via phone