How a to-do list helps you get more done in less time

Every Monday my to-do list is pretty much the same.

And that might lead you (or even me) to think that I don’t need a written to-do list to get those things done.

This Monday I didn’t write down my to-do list until after lunch.​​

The result was that some of the things I completed on Monday didn’t need to be done that day or even the next.

And some of the things that didn’t get done Monday would have made my week flow a little bit better if they would have been done.​​​​

Basically, with a to-do list, I wouldn’t have just gotten more done, I would have completed more of the important things (like writing and sending this email earlier).

Let’s talk about how a to-do list helps you get more done in less time (and to get those little things that come up but aren’t super important done).


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