Were you scrambling too?

Last week I did a Q&A in my Facebook group. You can find that here. You’ll only be able to see it if you’re IN the group. So, it’s the perfect time to join us!
One of the questions that was asked was this:

How do you keep up with bookkeeping when EVERY tax season you promise you’ll do better next year and next year comes and you’res till scrambling to update the bookkeeping?

And I’ll admit it, this was a problem for me this year too!

In the Q&A I shared a strategy I learned from the book Profit First by Mike Michalowixz that I’m implementing this month. And last week I challenged the Productivity for Women Entrepreneurs group to implement it.

The book suggests you only do your bookkeeping twice a month (and not whenever you have time).

Staying on top of your bookkeeping is one of those things that you can do now, or you can take a really long time to do later. Believe me, experience has taught me that staying on top if it is worth my time. AND saves me time (and sanity) later.

So, join me for Wednesday LIVE with Evie at 1pm CDT tomorrow for things that will save you time later.

I’ll share a bit more about why Profit First suggests doing your bookkeeping only twice a month and other tasks that will save you time (and sanity) later.

What are things you do that save you time later?
Or what is taking you forever that you wish you could save time on?
Comment below and tell me.

The role of failure in business

I was reading through posts in various Facebook groups I belong to and start reading a longer post.

In the middle of it I see this statement, “People don’t fail, systems fail.”

I found myself smiling and saying aloud with love, “OH honey, I fail All The Time. It’s a good thing.”

I own my failures.

The times that I’ve failed have been incredible teachers to me.

Have my failures sometimes been a system failure (or lack of system)? Yes.

And I’ll still own them as MY failures.

Because they are.

The biggest problem I see (and have experienced) with failure is when we use it to beat ourselves up.

Let’s maybe stop doing that (yes, much easier said than done).

So, this week for Wednesday LIVE with Evie let’s talk about the gift and necessity of failure.

You can find that replay here.

What are your thoughts about failure? Do you think it’s necessary?
Comment below and let me know!

Why did I pick that to-do?

Friday afternoon I was looking at my remaining list of to-do’s. I had two items that were going to require an hour-ish of time and that was all the time I had for the day.

I picked the one that I told my Facebook group was my most important task for the week.

Why? because I told them I’d complete it.

Have you ever noticed the same thing?

When you tell someone that you’ll complete something, and you know they’ll notice if you don’t, then you feel compelled to complete it.

Some of the members say that sharing their most important to-do for the week in the group has helped them get more done than anything else they’ve tried – and it creates momentum to get other things accomplished too!

Accountability is this week’s topic for Wednesday LIVE with Evie. Specifically, successful accountability buddies – whether it’s in a Facebook group or with someone you connect with daily or weekly.

Do you have an accountability buddy? Why or why not?
What’s worked really well for you or what didn’t work at all?
Let me know in the comments below.


I should have sent that weeks ago

Over the past week, I’ve done a lot of dancing in my office chair. You see, my private Facebook group, Productivity for Women Entrepreneurs (join us!), DOUBLED in size last week and I do a little happy dance everytime someone requests to join.

And I’m having conversations with people as they join and something that’s popped up a couple times is “I’m spending a lot of time doing things, but it’s not turning into money.”

I’ve spent some time thinking about this the last few days.

The truth is, there’s a lot of things that can contribute to that situation.

This week, I want to talk about the difference between urgent and important.

While they are related, they are not the same thing.

Let me share a conversation I had with someone a while ago.

Rhonda and I were talking (that’s not really her name) and she shared that she needed to make more money that month. So, we talked about everything she was currently working on and wanted to get done.

After a bit, Rhonda said: “You know, I really need to send this client an invoice next week. I probably should have sent it two weeks ago, but I’m just too busy.”

I’d like to say that I’ve never heard anything like this before, but I have.

Why does this happen?

Because sending an invoice is important, but it’s not always considered urgent – until it’s really urgent.

Now, I’m not saying that this is always what’s going on in the situation of someone “doing a lot, but it’s not turning into money.”

However, it is something to look at.

So, for this week’s Wednesday LIVE with Evie, we’ll be talking more about the difference between urgent and important. You can watch the video here.

Sales calls – the receiving end

Last week I did something I usually don’t do—I answered the phone for a number I didn’t recognize.

The conversation was interesting and taught me a couple of things.

The woman on the other end said she was Person X’s personal assistant (PA) and he wanted to set up an appointment for the next day. She said he was looking for an entrepreneur business coach.

I ask: What is he does he need help with?
PA: He’s looking for a business coach (she is vague and says more but, that’s the gist of it).
Me: What business is he in?
PA: He’s interviewing business coaches right now (she says more)
Me: So, he’s a coach too??
PA: Well, no, he’s interviewing for a business coach (she says more)
Me: Let’s do this, send me an email and I’ll email you back with my intake form so I have a better understanding of what he’s looking for.
PA: Oh… Well, let’s do it this way. I’m overstepping my bounds here, but I don’t like being so vague…

She goes on to tell me that she works for a division of NBC that is interviewing coaches (and she names the people doing the interviews, one name I think I recognize).

She tells me they brought in BIG COACH (who I do recognize, he spoke at ICF Chicago last year) for several episodes and now he charges 5 figures per speaking engagement.

I thank her for the opportunity, decline and hang up.

A couple of things to note here:

  1. I’m pretty sure BIG COACH was charging 5 or more figures per speaking engagement long before he was on their show 🙂 AND the fees they probably charge to be on the show was probably a good investment for him and his business.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need to be comfortable with the situation.
  3. If I wouldn’t have had a system, I would have shown up for the “interview” and been blindsided.

This got me thinking about the systems I have in my business and the systems that I don’t yet have, but want to.

So, for this week’s Wednesday Live with Evie, I’m sharing about systems for your business.

Systems might sound boring, but they help your business run smoother. I bet you already have systems in place, you just don’t realize it and they might be able to be streamlined.

At home you probably have some systems that are engrained in how your house runs—things like: when the dishwasher is full, empty it, and put all dirty dishes straight into the dishwasher. Yes, that’s a system!

We’ve talked about one business system last month: to-do lists. Yep, that’s a system, a system for keeping track of the things you want to do.

What systems do you have (or wish you had) in your business? What systems do you want to streamline? Comment below and let me know!

Also, you can watch the Wednesday Live with Evie I did on this topic here.

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