A Mastermind Group is a meeting of committed people who share a common goal and are looking to support, motivate, and help each other.

A place for support and guidance

Have you ever had a decision to make or a problem and wished you had someone to share the situation with and receive some guidance?

Yeah, me too.

Thankfully, I do have that, I have friends and am in programs that provide helpful and useful thoughts, opinions, help, support, and guidance.

Some are more formal relationships and others are more laid back.

And there are different things that I bring to different people/groups. It depends on the relationship.

One way that I’ve received guidance, is through business mastermind groups.

A Mastermind Group is a meeting of committed people who share a common goal and are looking to support, motivate, and help each other.I have a long love affair of mastermind groups – I joined my first business mastermind group in 2010 before I had a business!

It was great. I was in a group with established business owners (people who had businesses with clients that paid them!) and up-and-coming business owners (people who had businesses with clients that paid them, but not enough) and there was me and aspiring business owner.

I thought I’d have nothing to add to the conversation, but I did. While I couldn’t share advice or stories around what had worked for me in business, I could share what would appeal to me as a potential client.

I learned a lot from that group and am still connected with many of the ladies.

My other experiences with mastermind groups have been just as wonderful and each was set up differently. Each group has its own feel – and I always get what I need from each of them when I fully show up and participate.

I’ve brought many topics to the various mastermind groups I’ve been a part of – marketing questions, frustrations, and struggles I was working through. And each time I received insightful questions, suggestions, and guidance.

And I’ve found for myself, business masterminding is most helpful when I’m with a group of people who already know me and my business a bit because we see each other regularly in a structured mastermind.

How would being in a mastermind group benefit you and your business?

If you’re interested in joining a formal mastermind group, on October 12 I’m hosting a “Come try it out” morning session. You can find all the information and RSVP here.

I have two groups of the Momentum Mastermind group starting, this “come try it out” session will give you a feel for what it’s all about.

I should be setting those goals… Right?

Can I tell you something that causes some of my coach friends to tilt their head at me and say “really?”

I don’t like setting 5 year goals, or 3 year goals for that matter.

It freaks me out.

And then I wonder what’s wrong because I should be setting those goals right? AND if I’m a good coach then I should be encouraging my clients to do that too, right?

I recently started reading “Abundance Now” and when I read the above quote something clicked. This is why I don’t like setting those long term goals!

Something shifted for me earlier this year. No, I didn’t suddenly love setting 3 year goals.

Instead of thinking or dreaming about my dream house, I started noticing what I loved about the house I’m in.

Instead of dreaming about how my business might look/run in 3 years, I started appreciating where I am now and where I want to be in the next few months.

Instead of thinking about all the fabulous people I’ll be sharing stories with in 5 years, I started noticing how many fabulous people are currently around me.

Instead of success and everything I wanted being something 3-5 years in the future, I looked around and noticed all the great things that are here now and quickly on their way.

If you’re like me and goal setting for 3 or more years in the future does more stressing you out than giving motivation, it’s okay.

Look around for what’s currently working for you and really appreciate it. Then ask yourself how you can make it even better in 3-6 months.

Share something you’re super grateful for in the comments below.

Work with someone who understands where you are and can tailor their suggestions to you.

What do driving directions have to do with your business?

Work with someone who understands where you are and can tailor their suggestions to you.

Last week while on retreat with my coach and colleagues, I was thinking about how nice it was to be in that environment.

The coaches have all been where I am and my colleagues have either been where I am or I’ve been where they are.

It made me think of how easy it is to ask someone for basic instructions (those easy steps I was looking for, mentioned here) and then think you can go and implement by yourself.

And I thought about asking for driving directions (my mind works in interesting ways).

You can ask a local for directions downtown – and they can give you directions to get downtown.

Or you can share where downtown you’re going and when you want to get there and the local can tell you what streets to avoid, how to get there, and advise you to park two blocks away at this specific lot because there won’t be street parking at that time of day.

Could you have figured it out on your own? Probably, but it’d take a lot longer to get there and be a lot more frustrating.

Working with a coach, or anyone, is similar.

Have pain in your knee? You can ask a doctor for stronger pain pills, or you can tell him what’s going on.

And he might realize that the problem isn’t your knee at all, it’s your back.

Working with a coach to get your business where you want it to be works the same way.

Yes, you can read online how successful other people have been using this method or that, but they don’t know where you are. So how are they going to know that you’re in Albuquerque and need to go left?

It’s so important to work with someone who understands where you are and can tailor their suggestions to you.

Who are you working with to achieve your goals? Share below!

What Are Your Traditions?

Journaling_at_DeskDo you have any traditions in your personal life?

I’m sure you do. Whether it’s how you spend Christmas, birthdays or what dish Aunt Sally brings to family get-togethers, we all have traditions.

Do you make time for those traditions? Probably. You reserve a day or afternoon to see your family and celebrate that milestone or holiday. You spend time preparing whatever dish you’re going to bring or cleaning the house.

You think about it in advance. You plan for it.

What are the traditions you have in your business? You probably have them, whether you realize it or not.

Some traditions are imposed on us, think taxes.

Some we do accidentally, perhaps taking a mental break during December.

Some we do purposefully, maybe you set goals for the new year.

And some might just be by association, the networking group you go to every month does a grab bag every December.

Some are helpful, the goals.

Some might be renewing, taking a mental break.

And some might be frustrating because they’re imposed and we aren’t prepared when they arrive, filing taxes.

What traditions do you have in your business? What traditions would you like to have or would you like to (and can) break?

Share in the comments below!